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Thread: Baetis Nymph

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    Default Baetis Nymph


    I've found this to be a very good pattern when there are LDOs around.

    – Kamasan B175 Sz 12.
    THREAD – Brown Benecchi 8/0.
    TAIL – Natural Pheasant Tail Fibers.
    BODY – Stripped Peacock Herl.
    THORAX COVER – Natural Pheasant Tail Fibers.
    THORAX – Light Hare’s Fur.

    STEP 1
    Mount the hook and start the thread.

    STEP 2
    Tie in three PT fibres and trim the waste.

    STEP 3

    Tie in the stripped peacock herl, form a slight taper with the thread, stopping at the thorax area.

    STEP 4

    Apply a coat of varnish to the body thread and, while the varnish is still wet, wind on the peacock herl.

    STEP 5
    Tie in a bunch of PT fibres for a thorax cover.

    STEP 6
    Dub the thorax with light coloured hare's fur.

    STEP 7
    Pull the PT fibres over the hare and tie down.

    STEP 8
    Trim the waste, form a large head with the thread, whip finish and varnish. Last thing to do is rough up the thorax area a bit.


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    I love the Baetis, I got very good experiences with a similar to this.

    Thanks for sharing

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