Having managed to finally start using the Orange Otter fur from that master dyer, Tango, here is a little something or nothing that hopefully will do the business.

Materials -

Hook - Grip 14723BL size 12
Thread - UTC Olive 70 Denier
Rib - Fine Silver Wire
Abdomen - Dyed Orange Otter Underfur
Hackle - Dyed Orange Otter Guard Hairs

You can substitute the underfur with Orvis Superfine dubbing as the dubbing on properties are almost similar and the Guard hair with any other type.

A word about the Grip Hooks. I first found out about these from a South African tyer and was able to get some from the UK as there was a stockist there. This pattern of hook I like a lot as it's holding power is amazing for a barbless. The manufacturer is Scientific Fly and they are available from Britnett Carver in the UK.

Step 1.

Mount the hook in the vice

Step 2.

Thread into the bend and secure the ribbing wire

Step 3.

Dub on the underfur to the thread, if there are some guard hairs caught in along with this it just helps the scruffiness.

Step 4.

Form a tapering abdomen

Step 5.

Wind on the rib counter to the dubbing and secure. Break of the excess wire by wriggling it

Step 6.

Splitting thread can be a real pain in the ar*e but since I started making my dubbing needles using sewing machine needles it has become a lot easier, look for the ball point type. To hold the split thread apart I just use an offcut of booby foam, works a treat!

Step 7.

Pull a pinch of guard hairs from the pelt and insert these in the split thread to form the hackle, not possessing the MP tool set I just stuff them in and hope for the best before spinning the thread to tighten up the hackle.

Step 8.

Wrap the 'hackle' on and finish off with a whipped head and a dab of varnish. Pull out any hairs that are out of place and you are done!