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    Default Weighted Spider (first SbS)

    Scrolling through the archives and picking up new patterns kindly uploaded to the forum I noticed someone asking about a weighted spider. So I wanted to do my first SbS and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity. Let me know what you think.

    Recipe:- Size 14 B170
    Roman Moser Power Silk (yellow)
    2.5 mm Gold Tungsten Bead
    English Partridge Hackle
    Gold fine ribbing

    The fly im going to tie is a variant of a waterhen bloa although it does probably have a name so let me know if im wrong. So lets get started!!

    Step 1: insert the hook into the vice with your 2.5 mm tungsten bead.


    Step 2: Make 3 turns of Lead wire just begind the bead.

    Step 3: Tweak the lead so it breaks and push it up to the bead. Its important at this stage to leave yourself about 2mm of space at the eye. This will become apparent soon.

    Step 4: Secure the lead with wraps of silk and tie in your gold rib just behind the lead to keep a nice even profile.

    Step 5: Make a sparse dubbed body of yellow dubbing, ive used yellow SLF here, and secure with your raps of gold rib. Secure with a few whip finishes and cut the thread, pushing the gold bead over the lead as this will ensure theres no movement when we finish the fly.

    Step 6: Start your silk in front of the tungsten bead and attach your partridge hackle. (You can insert the stalk into the bead if youve not used too many wraps of thread)

    Step 7: Make 2 turns of the hackle and catch with your silk, a few tweaks of the hackle should cause it to break without having to use a scissors. Make a few 2 finger whip finishes and Et Voila. A touch of head cement and youve got a very sexy looking fly, When it gets wet you can imagine the soft hackle over the bead and maintaining a nice profile.

    Let me know what you think, the turns on the ribbing could be better admittedly but its my first attempt at a SbS.
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    that brilliant , a great first step by step but the real pro's have still to give their opinion which i would listen to very carefully as they have very sound advice to offer, keep up the good work hope to see more from you soon...
    dont you just love nature Hidden Content

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    Like the fly - and that's what counts! Although the photography isn't as clear as some of the others the fly is a nice one, and easy to follow. So good job I think. Well done!

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