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    Default Flexifloss Damsel

    With the **** weather boredom set in and this is the result! For those of you with acute eyesight, yes, it is two different flies as I missed out taking a couple of steps. Apologies, I will redo this when I am not depressed with the bloody weather!


    Hook - Kamasan B800 in size 10 or 8
    Thread - Olive UTC 140 Denier
    Body / Tail - Olive Flexifloss
    Eyes - Mini silver dumbbells


    Step 1

    Secure a set of mini dumbbells onto the hook shank 1/8th back from the eye with tight figure of 8 lashing and wrap thread to the end of the hook shank

    Step 2.

    Apply a drop of super glue onto the eye lashings - thin runny stuff is best as it soaks right in.

    Step 3.

    Take two strands of Olive flexifloss and fold in half matching up the ends and then secure to the hook with a few tight turns of thread

    Step 4.

    Take your thread up to the eyes and then start to wrap the abdomen keeping the strands of the flexifloss flat

    Step 5.
    Wrap the first layer evenly right up to behind the eyes

    Step 6.

    Build up a carrot shaped abdomen by wrapping back and forth along the hook shank keeping it as smooth as possible

    Step 7.

    When you get to the desired profile of abdomen then take the flexifloss in between the eyes and under the hook eye and back again to build up the head. The strand loop will now be shorter and using your dubbing needle to do this makes it easier.

    Step 8.

    When you are left with a shorter loop bring it back between the eyes and under the hook eye again. you want to finish up with quite a small loop as the next step needs this

    Step 9.

    Stretch this small loop over the back of the hook and let it slip off your dubbing needle below the bend. Keep the strands between the eyes or you will have to unravel it and start again, luckily flexifloss is quite forgiving in this respect. Lift the hook out of the vice jaws and the loop should snap back under the abdomen to behind the eyes

    Step 10.

    Bring your thread back behind the eyes and make a tight whip finish, apply varnish or glue to secure

    Step 11.

    Cut the tail to length, about 1/2 to 3/4 inches and then twist the strands together. Once twisted together keep stabbing your dubbing needle into the bunch to shred the fibres to give a more splayed look, repeat as necessary but watch those fingers!

    Step 12.

    The slack loop behind the eyes I have just pulled under and slipped on top of the hook eye to tidy things up a bit, getting the loop length right every time takes practice! Now paint the eyes using translucent glass paint and you are finished.

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    i like the look of that one m8. if this was tied with melted mono is it legal for international rules?

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