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    Thumbs up Diaw Bach - my slight variant

    Cromies version is Here

    This one has done well for me lately, and has caught the largest fish so far in the series of competitions I'm in at the moment at Walthamstow reservoirs.

    Be gentle, my first sbs, and I know the pics are ****!

    Great fly for a beginner to tie as the materials are cheap, easy to get hold of and will catch fish at all depths.

    The secret to this one is the profile - slim body, with a slight build up for the thorax (more noticeable when wet).


    Hook - Size 10 wet fly
    Body & Thorax - peacock herl
    Tail and Beard - approx 8 brown cock hackle fibres
    Thread - Orange uni thread 80 (or similar)
    Rib - Fine copper wire
    Varnish - Sally Hansen’s hard as nails or any clear varnish

    Step 1

    Place the hook in the vice and start of the thread and, then run it towards half way along the shank.

    Step 2

    Catch in a bunch of hackle fibres, give it a couple of turns and then add the copper wire.

    Step 3

    Trim of the waste hackle ends. Run the thread in touching turns and stop when the thread when dangling is in line with the end of the barb.

    Step 4

    Now come back on the thread with 3 turns towards the eye, this adds a tag. Attach the peacock herl by its tip and run the thread up towards the eye, and stop a little bit more than half-way along the shank. Be very careful adding the herl, do not pull the thread tight down on it as this will cut through it.

    Step 5

    Add varnish to the body, only up to the dangling thread, wait a few seconds for it to become tacky, and then wind the herl up towards the dangling thread. Be really careful that you dont hit the point of the hook with the herl as this will weaken it and it will probably snap!

    Step 6

    Wind the herl down in neat touching turns to your thread and tie off (I use a rotary vice and this makes it easy). Then run the copper wire down over the herl in the opposite direction to which the herl was wound on - then tie off.

    Step 7

    Add thorax beard, turn the hook upside down for ease. Do not use too many turns.

    Step 8

    Attach the herl again, a couple of turns towards the bend of the hook to get the herl to start from the previous piece of herl, then run the thread back towards the eye, leave a bit of room for the head.

    Lay a bit of varnish on the thread, and then run the herl up towards the eye.

    Step 9

    Tie off with a couple of half-hitches or a whip finish, and varnish the head.........

    The go catch some fish!!

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    I tied this up as it looked easier to get the beard hackle on rather than tying it at the head - it was. Fished it last night - 1st cast - bingo!!!

    Many thanks

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