Hook: Ideal nymph size 12
Thread: Black or olive
Body: Olive hares mask
Shellback: Lureflash body-flex

Step 1: Cut you're shellback to size start you're thread and tie in

Step 2: Cut some fur from you're hares mask and dub on.

Step 3: Dub the body to where you want to finish the fly

Step 4: Pull the shellback to the eye and tie in.Build the head and whip finish and varnish

Step 5: Take you're dubbing brush or like me some velcro and pull out the hare so that it hangs down a bit looking like legs

A nice and easy fly to tie and the trout love them. I fish it static with the odd jerk and the takes are usualy soft till you lift into the fish then hold on The pics don't do the fly justice and when its wet it looks evin better