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    Default Okay Dokey ~ Step by Step

    Here's some photographic step by step instructions for tying the Okay Dokey. Very basic buzzer but very effective in certain areas of the country.

    Kamasan B110 or B420 Size 10,12 and 14
    Lower Body - Glo-Brite no 16 White Floss
    Upper Body - Glo-Brite no 7 Orange Floss
    Rib - Fine Silver Wire
    Finish - Lower Body 1 Coat Liquid Glass, Head 2-3 Coats of Hard as Nails Varnish

    Okay Dokey ~ Step by Step
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    I like the chunky version of this okay dokey. Will have to dress a few of these, as I also like the use of the No. 7 globrite floss, as opposed to no. 5.
    This is the first time I have seen this used. Very nice.


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    You can paint the hook with white primer (as used on cars), then do the body with white glo-brite in a bobbin holder. It means there is no need to wrap thread and this keeps the body very slim.
    I do half a dozen hooks and leave to dry. Do the rest of the fly next time you're tying.
    The white floss shows up much brighter over the white paint.

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    I have used white tippex (Correction Fluid) before, this dries in a matter of minutes. Bigwull on another forum uses White P.T.F.E Plumbers tape.

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