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    Default Re: Step By Step List (Complete)

    That's great Roll Cast - thanks

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    Default Re: Step By Step List (Complete)

    A lot of work, Roll Cast. Many thanks, indeed.
    "Take not out your 'ounds on a werry windy day" Surtees.

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    Angry Re: Step By Step List (Complete)

    Quote Originally Posted by roll cast View Post
    This is a semi complete list of all the sbs in this subforum, theres still a couple missing and the author names have to be sorted.

    Most web browsers have some sort of search feature built-in that will find keywords in the current webpage, for most browsers pressing Ctrl + F will bring it up
    Re: Step By Step List (Complete)

    I can not open links loop is a loop. is the info, Web site showing the rejected request Web pages. Kazimierz

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    Default Re: Step By Step List (Complete)

    Quote Originally Posted by salmon49 View Post
    Re: Step By Step List (Complete)

    I can not open links loop is a loop. is the info, Web site showing the rejected request Web pages. Kazimierz
    Calm down bro, it's only your first post

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    Default Re: Step By Step List (Complete)

    I think Salmon49 might be got a point, all the links seems to be broken or some sort of server error ? Perhaps admin might (should) look into this ?

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    Default Re: Step By Step List (Complete)

    Love the step by steps! I appreciate the hard work by all of the original posters as well as Roll Cast to catagorize them. Cheers.
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    Default Re: Step By Step List (Complete)

    The links have been dead for a while now.

    Youtube is much more informative.

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    Default Re: Step By Step List (Complete) -> update urls.

    Updated links:
    Drys and emergers

    'The Kite' a variation on the Kite Imperial
    A Grey Fly
    A french B.W.O.
    A mostly natural light weight detached body technique
    A very handy to have little emerger
    ADAMS Dry Fly variations
    Adams (Parachute)
    Adams Paraloop
    Almost Dun
    Almost Spent
    Aphid / Green Midge
    Autumn Spinners for Grayling
    BWO Spinner Cripple
    Backwards CDC Suspender Buzzer
    Ballon Caddis
    Balloon Caddis
    Balloon Caddis
    Bangor Duster
    Basic parachute.
    Beacon Beige
    Blue Winged Olive
    Blue quill dryfly
    Borderer, after a fashion!
    Brambridge Caddis
    Bread and Butter
    Break-out Emerger SBS
    Bunny Emerger
    CDC & Peacock
    CDC Blue Winged Olive
    CDC Caddis (Black)
    CDC Dun
    CDC Dun
    CDC Dun - mach1 ( bad photography)
    CDC Dun / spinner Mach2
    CDC Dun and Spent Spinner
    CDC Emerger
    CDC Hackle Caddis - in 10 easy steps
    CDC Loope Emerger
    CDC Midge
    CDC Olive
    CDC Parachute Hackle
    CDC Spinner
    CDC Split Wing Dun
    CDO (step by step sequence)
    Calf-tail mayfly
    CdC squared -another CdC dun
    Cdc & Pte
    Cdc Bwo
    Charles Cotton's Black-Fly
    Cinnamon Sedge
    Claret Biot Spinner
    Collar-hackled hairwing sedge
    Copydex Mayfly
    Crawling cdc midge
    Cul de Canon
    Daddie's X2
    Daddy Long Legs
    Dark Olive Emerger
    Detached Bodied Daddy Long Legs
    Detached Body Mayfly
    Detached Foam Body
    Detached ephemera fly
    Devaux sedge (variant)
    Double Badger
    Dry Bibio
    Dry CDC Sedge
    Duck's Dun
    Duffer's Delight
    EZ Klinkhamer - Peter Dunne
    Early Season Klink.
    Easy Beetle
    Easy Para's....none-slip hackles!
    Elk hock sparkle dun
    Emerging Ephemerella Invaria
    Ethafoam Bodied Mayfly (EBM)
    Europea 12 variant - Sedge
    F Fly
    F Fly
    F fly
    FF & FT - Bobs Bits
    First VIDEO sbs attempt - Yellow Owl
    Flexifloss Fried Egg (Olive Emerger)
    Flytying Video: Brun's Tipula
    Flytying Video: Polychenille Dun
    Foam Ant
    Foam Beetle - RFB Tutorial
    Foam Bug (variant)
    Foam Olive
    Foam Post Klink (FPK)
    Foam Suspender Buzzer
    Foam beetle
    Foam hopper
    Foam part 2: The Hawthorn
    Fun with foam pt 1 - Hopper
    Fun with foam pt 2 - Hopper
    G & H For TWP
    GH Bulbous Gnat
    Ghost Swift Moth
    Gray Wulff (Variant)
    Gray Wulff (variant)
    Green Drake Wulff
    Greenwell's Variant
    Greenwells Parachute
    Grey Duster Variant ( for LDO)
    Grizzly Leggy Emerger
    Hackle more practice than CDC !!!
    Hairwing Mayfly for early Drake (Very Easy to Tie!)
    Hare's ear Midge.
    Hare's ear breakout emerger
    Hares Ear Emerger
    Hares Ear Sugar Lump Emerger
    Hawthorn Fly - in 10 easy steps
    Herl Bodied Grayling Fly
    Hi Vis Foam Hopper X
    Hi-Vis micro CDC flies
    High-Viz Balloon Caddis - for New Zealand / duo style
    Hopper and Bubble Hopper
    IOBO Humpy Emerger
    Iron Blue Dun
    It's gnat a fly!
    JT Olive
    Jt olive
    Jumping Sedge
    Kite's Imperial SBS
    Klinkhamer Special
    Klod Hopper
    LDO Snowshoe Hare Emerger
    Latex ephemera bodies
    Le Puff Poodle
    Letort Hopper
    Little Caddis Thing
    Magic G&H Sedge
    Mara,s Midge/
    Mayfly spinner
    Micro Duns for Grayling
    Midge Emerger
    Mule Midge
    My CDC best dry fly
    My Corrib Foam Mayfly
    Natural Born Killer
    Nondescript Sedge (NDS)
    Not ANOTHER Grannom.....
    Nutty Beetle sbs
    OE Balloon Headed Caddis Variant
    OE Dun
    OE Mohican Mayfly
    Olive CDC Emerger
    Olive Para Dun.
    Olive Quill in 10 easy steps
    Olive Suspender Buzzer
    Oliver Edwards yellow may emerger
    Once and Away
    One Hackle Emerger
    PPS - New Improved Recipe!
    Parachute Hackles
    Parachute Sedge/paraloop sedge
    Parachute hare's ear.
    Paraloop Emerger
    Paraloop Hopper
    Paraloop without the loop
    Paul G loopwing olive (adapted from 2 Oliver Edward patterns)
    Pearsall's Paradun
    Pheasant Tail Dry Fly
    Poly Prop Sherry (PPS)
    Poly Prop Spent Gnat (PPSG)
    Popper Hopper
    Quill & Moose Spinner
    Quill Dry Fly for the Duo
    Red Hackle - Very Easy and Quick to Tie
    Reverse Hackle Hawthorn
    Reverse Pheasants Tail Dry
    Rootbeer Suspender Buzzer
    SBS: Grannom/Caddis Emerger
    Sedge Emerger.
    Sedge pattern (LTD sedge)
    Shucking Dark Olive
    Shucking Palewatery
    Shuttlecock Buzzer
    Shuttlecock Buzzer
    Snowshoe Midge Cluster
    Soft Cinnamon Caddis
    Sparkle Chironomid
    Sparkle Dun
    Split wing olive
    Stuck Shuck Midge
    Sturdy's Fancy
    Sugar Cube Buzzer
    Super Floating Sedge
    Suspender buzzer Heads My Way
    The Big Red
    The Front End
    The Humpy
    The Italian Job - olive CDC emerger
    The M Fly
    The Murragh, Murrough or Great Red Sedge
    The PT Loop Emerger
    The Paradun
    The Typhoo Sedge
    The Yellow Owl
    The best all-purpose dry fly you'll ever tie...
    The original inverse-reversed fly Stage by Stage
    Tup's Indispensable Variant
    Tying the Flouro Yellow Owl..
    Upside Down Dun
    Vermont Hares Ear
    Wafty Fly
    Walker's Red Sedge
    Water Walker
    Weapon of Mass Destruction
    Woven LDO
    Yellow Floating Nymph
    Yellow May
    balloon emerger
    daddy long legs
    duns with soft tails
    foam cylinders for parachute flies
    foam post klink video
    mayfly emerger
    my favourite wee klink
    my first sbs vid.... reverse para
    paraloop step by step
    quick grasshopper
    simple 2min suspender
    sunk emerger
    the way i tie them
    tying the balloon caddis
    upstream dun (pic heavy!!!)

    Nymphs and buzzers

    "Collyer's" series of nymphs
    "GRHE" Shrimp size
    2 Tone UV Brassie
    A 'proper' damsel nymph
    A Buzzer
    A Little Black Number!
    A few step by step videos..
    A little quill river bug
    A pink Grayling Bug
    A simple black buzzer in 10 easy steps
    A simple cased caddis.
    A skinny buzzer
    A very simple Baetis
    A.P. Nymph
    Amber Nymph
    Apps Beaded Bloodworm
    Apps Bloodworm on Red Hook
    Apps on Steriods
    Ascending Midge Pupa
    Back to Basics Buzzer
    Baetis Nymph
    Baetis Nymph
    Baetis nymph.
    Bailey's Organza Bugs
    Basic Cruncher
    Bead bug
    Bent Pearly PTN
    Bidoz gamarus nymphs
    Black Flexifloss / Thin Skin Buzzer
    Black Rainbow Diawl Bach SBS
    Black buzzer - simple and utterly deadly
    Blakestone's Buzzer
    Bloodworm buzzer
    Bloody Buzzer
    Blushing and Near Perfect Buzzers
    Body Stretch Ptn
    Brassie Bead Head Nymph
    Buittle Pig Pen
    CDC Matuka Style Gold Headed Nymph
    CDC Nymph
    Caddis Pupa - in 10 easy steps
    Callibaetis Buzzer - My First Step by Step
    Cased Caddis Nymphs
    CatGut nymphs for grayling
    Cockwill's seal's-fur damsel nymph
    Copydex Buzzer
    Couple more videos from me.
    Crochet Fly SBS
    Cruncher - My way
    Cruncher Variation
    Czech Nymph
    Czech Nymph
    Czech Nymph
    Czech Nymph
    Czech Nymph - in 10 easy steps
    Czech nymphs and tapered bodies
    Damsel Nymph
    Dead Simple Tung head!
    Deep Searching Stimulator Nymph
    Dennis the menace rootbeer bach
    Depth Charged Corixa
    Diaw Bach - my slight variant
    Diawl Bach
    Diawl Flashbach
    Disco Bug
    Durable "Mary" PTN variant
    Easy Pheasant Tail Nymph!
    Easy but very good nymph !
    Easy to tie bugs
    Egg laying buzzer pattern
    Electro Static Buzzer
    Electro-static Buzzer
    Epoxy bidoz bug
    Epoxy bubble corixa
    Epoxy gammarus
    Firefoil Buzzers
    Flashback PTN
    Flashing Hare's Ear
    Flexi Floss Black Buzzer
    Flexifloss Damsel
    Foldback or Humpy Buzzer
    G Nymph
    GRHE - a simply tied & absolutely deadly nymph
    GRHE Nymph
    GRHE Nymph
    Gammarus imitation
    Generic Shrimp
    Getting it backwards with Mr Skues
    Glass Bach
    Glass buzzer
    Glitter Nymphs - step by step
    Glove Nymph
    Gold Head CDC
    Gold Head Marabou Bloodworm on Red Hook
    Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear
    Golden Nugget Stonefly Creeper step-by-step?
    Golden dun (?) midge
    Goldhead Bloodworm
    Gray & Black Nymph
    Grayling Micro Bug
    Grayling ceramic nymphs
    Grhe - my way!
    Hare Bug
    Hare bug
    Hare's Ear Flashback Nymph
    Hares ear flashback
    Headlamp Damsel Nymph
    Hends Quill Bug
    Hot Cheek Buzzer
    Hot Wired Buzzer
    Hotspot Cased Caddis Jig
    Hydropsyche...of sorts
    I've made one!(red stockie buzzer)
    Inspired by Davie Mcphail
    It's Another Wire Buzzer
    Ivens Green and Brown Nymph
    Jazzed Up Damsel Nymph
    Jelly Pheasant Tail
    Jelly Pupa SBS(and the rest of the pupa family)
    Jelly sedge Pupa
    Jersey Herd
    Jock Sprat a River Bug
    Karens Nymph
    Kick Ass Living Damsel SBS pt1
    Kick Ass Living Damsel SBS pt2
    Killer Bug
    Last Few Before Christmas
    Last one.....
    Latex Dragonfly Nymph
    Latex n Copper
    Little Pinkie
    Mary Copperhead Nymph
    Mayfly Nymph
    Mayfly nymph SBS
    Micro UV Straggle Pheasant Tail Nymph
    Miracle Nymph
    Mirage Buzzer Video
    My First Tying Video's
    My favourite Pheasant Tail Nymph
    My killer scuds for graylings
    My quill nymph
    OE Cased Caddis
    OE heptagenid variant
    Olive Nymph
    Olive nymph
    Oliver Edwards hydropsyche larva
    PT Nymph (olive variant)
    PT Variant for trout
    Peachy Bug
    Peeping And Adjusta Caddis
    Peeping Caddis
    Peeping Caddis in 8 easy steps
    Peeping caddis Step by Step
    Pheasant Tail Nymph (my way)
    Phesant tail n peacock hearl variant
    Picric JC Cruncher
    Picric UV PTN
    Pink Charm
    Pink Marabou Bug
    Pink Tail Hares Ear Caddis Type Jig
    Quick GR PTN
    Quill Baetis
    Quilled buzzer patterns
    Red Brassie Midge
    Red Tag - MY WAY
    Red tag nymph
    SBS Woven olive nymph
    SBS: Hares Ear Cruncher
    Sawyer-style PTN for beginners
    Scuds tied with Deer Creek UV Resin
    September nymphs for grayling and trout
    Shep's Pheasant Tail Nymph.
    Shrouded Buzzer
    So So Caddis Pupa
    Spiky Squirrel Nymph
    Step-by-step: Drop+ Quill Nymph
    Still not quite there
    Stoneclinger Nymph
    Stoneclinger Nymph
    Straggle Cruncher
    Summer time caddis pupa
    Tan & Red Buzzer
    The GB Damsel Nymph
    The Gluzzer!
    The Improved PTN
    The Krenik Red
    The Maggot
    The Mckay
    The Nearly Fly
    The Parrot Bug
    The Pheasant tail nymph!
    The Polish PT Nymph
    The Pupa
    The Scruffy Otterling
    The Summo Shrimp
    The Tarcher Nymph (SbS)
    The simple nymph
    Traffic light buzzer
    Tungsten tear drop nymphs
    Two-Tone Spanflex Buzzer Bodies
    Tying the Heavyweight winter Buzzer
    Tying the LLB
    UTC Wire Buzzer
    UV Diawl Bach
    UV Pink Bugs
    V Caddis
    V-Rib Sedge Pupa
    Varnished Black Buzzer for beginners
    Video SBS - Micro Nymph
    Walker's Mayfly nymph
    Walker's leaded shrimp
    Walker's with a Twist
    Weighted Seal's Fur Nymph
    Woven Bug
    X-files pupa (variation)
    another catgut nymph
    bodyglass caddis pupa
    caddis pupa
    catgut olives
    leadhead caddis video
    my sexy latex
    stripped quil junglecock buzzer
    the ascending buzzer
    the pink bum nymph
    tying a basic varnished buzzer
    yellow caddis pupa

    Wets and spiders

    3 spiders
    A Winged Wet Fly
    A tidy wee wet?
    Another hackled wet (no name)
    Baillie's Black Spider
    Bibio Hopper
    Bibio Hopper
    Bibio Snatcher
    Black Joe
    Black Pennel x2
    Black Quill Spider
    Black Spider & Peacock
    Blae and Black
    Blae and Black
    Blae and black (variant)
    Bulb Cormorant
    Clan Chief
    Clan Chief
    Claret Bumble
    Claret Hopper
    Claret Hopper
    Claret Sraggle-hog
    Colour Shift or Holographic Spider
    Connemara Black
    Dabbler: Red and Olive Variant
    Diamond Hard Cormorant
    Endrick Spider
    French Partridge Bumble
    Generic Small Shiny One
    Ginger Hopper
    Golden Olive Dabbler
    Greenwell's Spider
    Grouse and peacock soft-hackle type thing
    Half Hog
    Hare's Lug and Plover
    Heavy Spiders
    Heckham Butcher
    Hot Tail Dabbler
    Inline UV Sedgehog
    JC Mosaic Viva International Sized
    Jasper and Woodcock Spider
    John White's Full Blown Sparkly Kate
    John White's Sparkly Kate
    Kate McClaren
    Kate Mclaren
    La Peute
    Mallard and Claret, and Teal Flies
    March Brown Spider
    Mirage Snatcher - my way!
    Pd copyn
    Peter Ross
    Red Palmer
    Red holographic cormorant
    Silver Invicta x2
    Simple but Deadly
    Sparkle Spiders for Graylings
    Stewarts Brown Spider
    Straggle Dabbler
    Sunburst Dabbler
    TF Fly Tying Masters: Tequilla Invicta SBS
    The 12 Flies Of Christmas..... VIDEOS!
    The Devon Half Stone
    The Dunkeld
    The Spring Runner
    The leggy picric peter
    Tying the March brown wetfly
    Tying wings SBS
    Weighted Spider (first SbS)
    Whisky and Ginger Wulff
    Wickhams Fancy Wet Fly
    Williams Favourite
    Winged March Brown
    Woodcock & Hare's Lug spider
    Woodcock and Hare's Ear/ Partridge and Hare's Ear Spider
    Woven wire Peter Ross Dabbler
    bibio thing !
    clan chief
    coq de leon spiders
    the blue lamp

    Lures and streamers

    2nd SBS Video - Booby Sedge
    A quick and dirty lure : - )
    Ace of Spades
    Ace of Spades/White and Orange Matuka
    Black Ghost (trout Streamer)
    Black bear green but zonker
    Blue Charm Matuka
    Blue Rib Damsel Nymph
    Boabs Fry
    Bomber baby fish
    Bunny Leech - Step by Step
    Cat Booby
    Cat's Whisker Mini Lure
    Cat's whisker for beginners
    Cats Whisker
    Clouser Rick
    Daves Damsel No1
    Daves deadly Damsel No2
    Deer Hair Floating Fry
    Endrick bug
    Fritz Bomb
    Fritz Dog
    Jack Frost (pic heavy)
    Long Nose Sucker Clouser
    Mini 3D Cats Whisker
    Mini Cat variation
    Mini Muddler Minnow.
    Mini Zonker
    Muddler Minnow
    Muddler Minnow video from Tightline Productions
    My Matuka
    One for the Fry bashers
    Orange Chenille Blob
    Phase One
    Picket Pin
    Pink Tailed lure thing
    Profile Booby
    Pulling Buzzer
    Purists Beware.......
    Rhubarb and custard
    Rogers Fancy Matuka
    SBS Black Cat Blob
    Shrouded Damsel
    Slimy Sculpin Imitation
    Speckled Silver & Blue Zonker
    Stalking Bugs
    Straggle Hammer
    The "tufty "SBS
    The Blob
    The Blue Meanie
    The Candy Floss Booby
    The Cyclops
    The Woofter
    Thunder Creek Brown Pearl
    Transparent Minnow
    Triple tone blob -with a twist
    Tying the FU Blob
    UV Booby SBS Video
    Waggy Tail Sculpin SBS
    White Cat booby My Way (The Best Way)
    concrete bowl
    economy damsel SBS
    muskrat black zonker
    tying a basic dancer

    Pike and saltwater

    2min for a streamer
    Articulated Pike Streamer
    Avalon Fly - Fly Tying - Step by Step
    Bass Bait fish / sandeel pattern step by step.
    Brer Shrimp.
    Brookes Blonde.
    Bucktail Slider/Popper
    Crazy Charlie
    Crazy Charlie
    Cuban Shrimp V2
    DNA Al's Sandeel.
    Deer Head Marabou (pike)
    EP Fry
    Easy-Peasy Sandeel.
    Frog Diver
    Furry Foam Crab
    Hollow Pike Fly Tutorial - BIG Fly, less weight
    How to tie Surf candies (own design)
    Ivan diver Pike fly
    Joe Mouse Step By Step
    Kent Edmond's Stealth Bomber
    Krystal Shrimp for saltwater fishing
    Mouse SBS.
    Prince Of Tides (variant)
    Shrimp Pattern
    Silver Outcast Bend-Back.
    Slab Side Streamer For Pike
    Slinky DNA Baitfish.
    Soft touch shrimp, grayling and mullet
    Surf Candy/Bait Fish Candy
    The Essential Saltwater Fly.
    The Pink Predator
    Tie your first Pike fly...
    Tim Borski's Redfish Slider
    Tinsel Pike Fly
    Tutti-Frutti Ray's Fly.
    UV Flashtail Whistler - Pike
    Wacky Wurm.
    White Rabbit Fish Head Fry Pattern
    Wiggle fish pattern
    gliding perch
    go anywhere pike fly

    Salmon and seatrout

    Alternative Snake body
    American Express
    Bann Special on Size 14 ED Treble
    Bette Jane
    Black Bear Atlantic Salmon Fly
    Black Brahan (Needle Tube)
    Black Fairy
    Black Ghost (atlantic Salmon)
    Black Paradise
    Blue spey sewin fly, step by step
    Blue squirrel tail
    Carotene Pig
    Cascade (two styles)
    Cosseboom Silver
    Currys Red Shrimp
    Cz Special
    Defeo's Evening Fly
    Dollaghan Double
    Dusky Currys Red - Video Step by Step
    Easky Gold Shrimp (salmon)
    Fat Boy Series BBGB Low Water
    Firetail Cascade
    Garry Atlantic Salmon Fly
    Green Highlander Hairwing (Tube)
    Green Highlander variant - Scandinavian style tube fly
    Hairy Mary (atlantic Salmon Flies)
    Icy Blue Atlantic Salmon Fly
    Kola Fly
    LANCTOT FEATHERWING (Atlantic Salmon)
    La Romeo Dry (atlantic Salmon)
    March Brown Zonker Atlantic Salmon
    Matuka Cosseboom
    Monofilament Snake Fly
    Nylon Tosh
    Peacock Cosseboom
    Ruelland Special
    SIR CHARLES original
    Sea Trout Black And Yellow
    Sea Trout Muddler
    Sir Charles Hill's Version
    Snake fly my way
    Snake fly step by step.
    Swivel Snake Fly.
    Syd Glasso spey style.
    Tying a Featherwing Salmon Fly
    Tying a Francis on the Tubeworx tube system
    Tying a classic salmon fly.
    Tying wings on a Jock Scott
    Upsalquitch Special
    VIDEO: West Country Sea Trout Flies
    Willie Gunn


    "Fish On" Videos and Tying tips
    1st video lessons
    Advice for fly tying beginners
    Booby Eyes - Made Easy.
    Booby eyes
    Dyeing step by step (basic).
    Dyes commercial/ alternates
    How to remove a barbed hook painlessly
    Knotting Pheasant Fibre
    Spinning Deer Hair Bodies Part 1
    Spinning Deer Hair Bodies Part 2
    Stripping Hackle Stalks for Flies
    Technique - Wing Varnishing
    The eyes have it!
    Tying videos.
    Wings, selecting, preparing and tying in.
    how to knot a pheasant tail
    step by step... step by step

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    Default Re: Step By Step List (Complete)

    Brilliant .thank you.Admin should replace the old one (which is not working) with this updated one(which is).

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    Default Re: Step By Step List (Complete)

    Fair play that's some list


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