reproduced by kind permission of Dave Downie (Daver)

Here is the Daddy of all damsels that is in my box.
It works so well that when I fished the Moffat competition if I lost one up a tree the other competitor would climb the tree to get it back for themselves and I aint joking ask peepingcaddis all about it

Hook: - Size 8 B175
Thread: - Black
UnderTail: - Gold/Pearl Definite Advantage Mix Flash
OverTail: - Damsel olive Marabou
Rib: - Gold Oval Tinsel Medium (3 turns only)
Body: - Damsel Olive Marabou dubbed onto thread
Thorax Cover: - Damsel Olive Marabou
Thorax: - Olive Hackle Cock Dark
Bead: - 4mm Gold Bead (Definite Advantage)

Step 1

Step one is to add the flash to the tail, maybe about 20/30 strands is all that is needed. I prepare about 30 off these at a time as it make working with the flash easier. If you cut a length of flash of the hank at the tie wrap then that will do three flies or hooks.

Step 2

Tie in your marabou on top of the flash so that it is long enough to just go beyond the flash and no more. The same as the last damsel about 1" worth off the plume will be enough as you need to get the marabou and the flash to move together in the water.

Step 3

Tie in your medium gold oval rib.

Step 4

Pinch some marabou from the plume, you can either cut some off or just pull it, but not the centre stuff and dub onto the thread. It will not dub on as tight as seals fur but it will go on fine.

Step 5

Rib the fly with 3 turns of oval tinsel.

Step 6

For the thorax cover use some of the damsel olive marabou, not too thick about half of the amount you used in the tail. Tie in and sweep backwards as shown in the picture.

Step 7

Next tie in your Olive Cock Hackle, not too dark but not too medium either.

Step 8

Wind the hackle towards the gold bead in touching turns until you reach the bead. The hackle is quite dense and large as can be seen. Tie off and trim off excess hackle.

Step 9

Trim the hackle at the top only, basically you are cutting a gap to allow the thorax cover to sit nice and flat. Leave all the downwards and side facing hackle tips intact.

Step 10

Pull forward the thorax cover and tie off. I then use my fingers to stroke the hackle fibers backwards and downwards as I tie off the thorax cover. Trim the excess marabou off. Do not worry about getting it trimmed right to the thread as I like a little tuft of marabou sticking up at the back of the goldbead.

Step 11

Trim off and once again whip finish twice and your done. No varnish required.

Hope you all like this one, it is the best ever damsel I have use on small stillwaters, fished with a glass line and a fast fig o 8 and watch the fish hammer it. They will follow it for ages and then all of a sudden bang and they are on. I have had very exciting days fishing this at the likes of Moffat and Loch Insch, but have also caught fish at Loch Leven and Rutland on this patterns also .