reproduced by kind permission of Dave Downie (Daver)

Here it is guys

Step 1 : -

Start your thread where you intend to start the thorax.

Step 2

Run the thread to the farthest you intend to tie the fly around the bend.

Step 3

Tie in your flexi floss at the bend do not worry too much about thread build up. I have use Olive Flexi Floss.

Step 4

Tie in your shell back pearl, I have used Siman Magic Shrimp Foil no 25

Step 5

Pull the shrimp foil over the back of the buzzer and tie in. Do not trim off

Step 6

Wind up the flexi floss in even turns, usually about 6 is enough on a size 10 hook.

Step 7

Tie the pearl back backwards towards the bend trapping it down as this is your thorax cover.

Step 8

Take 2 Fl.Lime Goose Biots, I use my own Definite Advantage Range and tie in one at each side.

Step 9

Side view as the biots should look

Step 10

Tie in the biots one at a time, pull forward do not use excessive pressure as they may break and tie in. Trim off both and whip finish once. I whip finish at this stage as I do not want the thread to drop off and the biots to come loose.

Step 11

Pull over the thorax cover and trim off, whip finish and there you have it Varnish as many times as you want. If you want a thinner buzzer use less thread on the shank and thorax and thicker vise versa.