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Right before I get started here, I am quite happy to say that the way I do booby eyes if the best ever, forget needles through the eyes then tie the booby whip finish then remove, then tie to the hook. Waste of time and energy. Having problems getting the booby eye right on the hook, eyes spinning, booby tangling up yer cast.
Everyone I have showed my method to has agreed with me and not one and I mean not one has disagreed.

I will tie also my white Cat booby for the Lake of Mentieth as featured in this month's issue of the TFF.

Pay Attention please as it is so fast I will only do this once: -

Step 1: -

Insert hook Size 10 B175

Thread : - UTC 140 White

Do a few wraps as shown as a base for the eye's to sit on

Step 2: -

Take a piece of booby cord or eye, I use Plazote block and drill my eyes with an old peice of car ariel sharpened with a grinding stone. 4-5mm will be just grand, trim the edges ever so gently with the point of you scissors. Then offer up to you thread as shown

Step 3: -

Now this is where it get very very fast, wrap your thread around the centre of the eye, if you are not happy simply unwarp and re-centre the eye. Once happy pull tight slightly and there you have it a booby eye. do 2 more wraps to the right and 3 to the left, booby eye perfect and finished.

Whats good about this? One it is anchored to the thread, two it then become anchored to the hookshank and its already perfect before you place it onto the hookshank, needles hah chuck then all away waste of time. 2 jobs done in one stroke and better done also.

Wind the thread up onto the hookshank as normal and the booby eyes will go with the thread as shown below keep winding and remember where you thread is, is where the eyes will eventuallly rest on the hookshank. you can also add a wee drop of varnish to the thread for added security I do not normally bother.

There done, finish off with a few fig-o-8 movements on the thread and your done. Might as well finish the fly off.

Step 4: -

Run the thread down to the bend of the hook and tie in some springwater blue marabou ( It seems to be the main difference due to its sort of blue UV tinge of it.

Step 5: -

Tie in some Lime Green Chenille, I use Lureflash stuff, make sure its the lime green and not the green or the yellow.

Step 6: -

Wind 5 turns of the chenille up to behind the eye, 5 turns no less and no more

Step 7: - Get some Spring water blue marabou and measure it up as shown, once you have decided length transfer it to you left hand for cutting and cut cleanly with you scissors. I will do this by touching my two thumbs together in the transfer, I could not get a picture as I had no finger's left to work the camera

Step 8: -

Tie in the wing just behind the eyes, 4-5 turns of thread will be enough, then whip finish in front of the eyes twice. And thats you with one of the deadlist Booby's on the Lake of Mentieth.

Brought to you by one Dave Downie after 1.5 bottles of Aussie Red, Smashing

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