Reproduced by kind permission of Daver (Dave Downie)

This fly has caught me a lot of fish not only on Rutland but Grafham and Chew. Top dropper pattern and deadly, tied with peacock instead of pheasant.

Dressing: -

Hook: - B175 I have used a 10, you can go smaller
Thread: - UTC 70 Fl.Yellow
Tail: - Greenwells Hen hackle fibres about 10 off them, I have used a whiting hen neck
Rib: - Fine Silver Oval 4 turns only
Body: - 2 Strands of peacock herl, I have used Dyed Flame Red by myself. Definite Advantage Range (Plug )
Hackle: - Same as tail 2 turns only and pulling back as you wind.
Head: - UTC 70 Fl.Yellow

Step 1 : - Insert a B175 hook and run your thread to just past the point of the hook as shown: -

My Cape

Step 2: - Tie in your 8/10 strands of Greenwells hen hackle as shown: -

Step 3: - Tie in your silver rib making sure you only do so with 2 turns of thread so not to bulk up at the butt of the fly: -

Step 4: - Tie in 2 strands of peacock Herl tips first and then run the thread to 3/4mm before the eye of the hook. I then add a few drops of varnish to the thread and leave to get tacky for added security on the peacock herl: -

Step 5: - Run the peacock in touching turns to the eye of the hook and tie down and trim: -

Step 6: - Be Careful here and trim the peacock into a carrot shape as shown, I usually only do one clip on the top and one on the bottom with very sharp scissors: -

Step 7: - Rib the peacock with 4 turns of Silver Oval fine: -

Step 8: - Tie in your greenwells hackle as shown, you should get about 4 crunchers per hackle if you use a whiting's: -

Step 9: - 2 Turns of hackle at the head pulling it backwards as you wind it and tie down and trim, then whip finish and then varnish. Finished thats you first one tied Jim and I guess i'll need to stick them on my site now

Thanks all


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