Reproduced by kind permission of Daver (Dave Downie)

Hi all thought as I have been asked a few time how I do my suspender buzzer heads, so here goes

Step 1: -

Size 12 B100 in the vice

Step 2: -

Cut a thin strip of eathafoam about 4mm-5mm wide, I use the stuff fly boxes are lined with but not the sticky back kind

Step 3: -

Run the thread I always use black down the shank until it is in line with point of the hook.

Step 4: -

Tie in the foam point backwards and run the thread to the eye of the hook as shown.

Step 5: -

Pull the foam over and tie off at the eye of the hook with 2 turns of thread. But make sure that you pull the foam over the side/top of the hook shank not directly over the middle of the shank as shown.

Step 6: -

Bring the thread under the foam and put a couple of wraps behind the foam below the point of the hook point.

Step 7: -

Pull the remaining foam back and tie off, making sure you bring it along the frontside as shown.

Step 8: - Trim the foam after securing it with a few turns of thread.
It will be the shape of a peach or a b um as seen

now run the thread to the bend and tie in your medium pearl rib as shown.

Step 9: - Dub some hares ear onto your thread for the body of the fly

Step 10 : -

Wind the hares ear up the body keeping it tight and stop about 4mm from the foam head as shown.

Step 11: - Rib the fly with 4 turns of pearl mylar no more and no less and tie off.

Step 12: - Dub on some hot orange seals fur or substitute for the thorax

Step 13: - again run the dubbing right up to the foam tightly and whip finish the fly. A real killer Suspender buzzer that was given to me by Scottish Internationlist Robbie Baldie many years ago and has caught many trout frm Loch Leven and other waters


Dave Downie
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