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    Default One for beginners

    Sorry, but admin has asked me which account I'd like to keep. So I am having to let braveheart go and since I will no longer have control over my sbs's I have no choice but to delete them.
    However these sbs's and many more are available, free, on ukflydressing and the wild fishing forums.
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    I think my photography and the way I present the step by steps, with much help and support from Hans, has improved considerably since my earlier attempts. So, as you can see I have updated and I think improved this one. It is longer than before, but since these are aimed at beginners I think it better to try to be as clear and descriptive as possible.
    I hope to get the other early ones done as well, but as there are a lot, please be patient.
    All done

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    Nice one Scotfly
    I see you had another early night

    Tight lines


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    learned to tie this tonight but Clyde style

    have been told that this is an excellent Fly for the Clyde, Avon & the Kelvin.

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