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    Here's a step by step for a classic lure called the Undertaker that I still use regularly today. Its similar to a baby doll and only uses black antron, silver oval tinsel and two lengths of Krystal flash which are optional.

    The pattern is very basic and doesn't use any of the modern day materials used in lures (Except for Krystal flash if you want to use it). Its very effective though, the best patterns are always forgotten.

    Give it a try.

    Hook - Kamasan B830 or B200 Longshank, Size 8 to 12
    Thread - Black
    Body - Black Antron
    Rib - Medium Silver Oval
    Tail - Black Antron (Plus 2 lengths of Krystal Flash - Optional)
    Back Cover - Black Antron

    Undertaker ~ Step by Step

    There is now a printable version at the bottom of the page, you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader on your PC to view it.

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