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    Default Hot Wired Buzzer

    After recieving some positive feedback from the the Callibaetis Buzzer, I thought I would do another Buzzer.

    This one is quite simply named the Hot Wire!,although it has about 15 steps. I apologise for some of the pictures did not turn out as anticipated, but you will get the general jist of it.

    Hook: Size 12 TMC 2487, or any buzzer hook
    Thread: Black
    Body: UTC Wire Small Black x3
    UTC Wire Small Hot Orange x1
    Thorax: Natural Mole Fur
    Cheeks: Glo-Brite No8 Floss

    1) Fix hook in vice

    2) Cut 3 Black Wires about 2.5 inches long, and one Hot Orange.

    3) Line up the wires in the following order 3 black, one Orange

    4) Offer the 4 wires up to the hook shank and fold them over

    5) Wrap the wires round, bearing in mind you don't want them to overlap each other

    6) Continue up the shank and leave some space behind the eye, and snip off the waste

    7) Using your hackle pliers, pinch the wire and rotate in the same direction. This will bring the wires flush with the shank,. Trim the waste at the other end and do the same

    8) Add a spot of Superglue to secure the wire

    9) Your wee buzzer should look like this

    10) Catch some thread behind the eye and go back to the where the wire finished, and catch in your cheeks. 2-4 folds of floss should be adequate

    11) Build up the head

    12) Dub on some mole fur to form a rope

    13) Bring it forward making a thorax

    14) Pull the cheeks forward making sure they a straight/level

    15) Tie them off, build a neat head and feel free to add varnish.

    The good thing about this buzzer is that it slices through the surface film and gets to the depth quickly.

    You can use all sort of wire combinations, the only limits is imagination.


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    I'm impressed Kypmeister

    Keep em coming


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    Another nice one Kyp. I fear you will soon wear out your hackle pliers though. I use an old pair of long nosed pliers ground smooth for jobs like that.
    All done

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    Cheers Scotfly,

    I never thought of that.

    Suppose I will paying a visit to the tackle dealer this w-end



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    Default hot wired

    thanks alot
    looks a great buzzer to have a go at will try it, its great on this forum the things you learn done quite abit of flytying of this forum step by step its great
    once again thanks alot
    from cookie (mick)

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    Cheers Mick,

    If I get a new camera I'll do some more. Just having some image problems with the one I have. It will only go as far as 4cm, seen one yesterday that will go to 1cm.

    I have another killer pattern to put on. This one accounted for most of my fish this year.

    Watch this space


    The Kyp
    Wild, Dangerous, Unfettered and Free

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    A fella called Hamilton did these before - I think they were profiled on Trout Fisherman ?

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    Thats right Spider.

    You'd be surprised how many people don't read Troutfisher man
    Wild, Dangerous, Unfettered and Free

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    Cant imagine why - ho ho !

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