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    Default Prince Of Tides (variant)

    Designed to fish point up, this is a handy saltwater fly for fishing shallow and weedy areas or on a sinking line near the bottom. This is my variation on Flip Pallot's original.

    Hook: Standard Saltwater - size 6-1/0 (size 4 in this case).
    Thread: Danvilles flat waxed nylon.
    Body: Silver mylar over-wrapped with 20lb mono.
    Wing: Brown bucktail, over pearl crystal flash, over lime bucktail, over white bucktail.

    Step 1: Place hook in vice, point up and wrap thread along hook shank to create a base for the body-

    Step 2: Tie in mylar and tie mono along the hook shank-

    Step 3: Wrap tinsel along shank and secure with a couple of wraps of thread-

    Step 4: Wrap mono along body in touching turns (try to avoid overlapping turns) and secure with a couple of wraps of thread-

    Step 5: Tie in wing about twice the length of the hook in the following order- white bucktail, lime bucktail, 6-8 strands crystal flash, brown bucktail. Shape head and whip finish and varnish-

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