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    Default Easy-Peasy Sandeel.

    One of my more succesful patterns of 2006 and extremely easy to tie. I've used a natural colour scheme here, but you can try any combination you like.


    Hook: Standard saltwater (size 4, Gamakatsu SL11 in this case).

    Thread: Clear mono.

    Lower Wing: White bucktail.

    Flash: Salt and Pepper Flashabou.

    Upper Wing: Olive bucktail.

    Eyes: 2.5mm Tape eyes- Pearl yellow colour.

    Body: 3x Thick coats of varnish.

    Step 1:Mount hook inverted and tie in thread at eye.

    Step 2:Take a pinch of white bucktail 2 1/2-3 x hooklength and tie in at head.

    Step 3:Turn hook 'right way up' and tie in 6-8 strands of flash (Tip: Take half the number of strands of double the required length and fold them around the thread before tying down)

    Step 4:Take a pinch of olive bucktail and tie in at head.

    Step 5:Gently pull the bucktail backwards and wind thread in open turns along body to the bend and back up to head.

    Step 6:Attach tape eyes at head (Tip: Secure each eye with a couple of turns of thread).

    Step 7:Whip finish and give the head and body 3 thick coats of varnish, allowing each coat to dry before applying next.

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    Very nice MJB, thank you.
    All done

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    They look good...even I could manage those.


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