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    Default DNA Al's Sandeel.

    A modern take on Al Brewster's classic saltwater pattern. The original is tied with bucktail, but the sparse dressing suits DNA Holofusion well and the throat helps prevent the hook fouling problems associated with this fine synthetic. Not much of a fly to look at, but once in the water it really comes to life.

    Hook: Long shank 'streamer' type. I use Mustad 3261 Aberdeen in size 4.

    Thread: Davilles flat waxed nylon, black.

    Tail: White DNA Holofusion.

    Throat: Yellow DNA Holofusion.

    Wing: Polar,olive and smoke DNA Holofusion.

    Body: Flat Mylar, silver.

    Step 1: Lay a base of thread along the hook shank.

    Step 2: Take a pinch of white DNA, double the hook length and tie in along hook shank.

    Step 3: Tie in mylar at head and wrap along the body and back (I find a double layer more durable), tie off and coat with very thin layer of superglue, varnish or epoxy.

    Step 4: Tie in throat of yellow DNA to extend to end of body.

    Step 5: Tie in at the head a sparse pinch of polar DNA the same length as the tail.

    Step 6: Continue building up wing with a layer of olive DNA same length as other layers.

    Step 7: Top wing off with a layer of smoke DNA, shape head, whip finish and varnish. You can add a set of eyes if you wish, although this is optional.

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    Another nice tie MJB, thank you.

    Quote Originally Posted by MJB
    Not much of a fly to look at, but once in the water it really comes to life.
    How often is that said.
    All done

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    A beauty, I always like to get at it with a pair of taperising scissors with them synthetics. Kinda like a Sweeney Todd fly assassin.

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