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Thread: Brookes Blonde.

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    Default Brookes Blonde.

    I think it's becoming apparent that I'm a big fan of the 'classic' saltwater flies. Often overlooked nowadays, these flies are classics for a reason; simple to tie and they work! This time it's Joe Brookes' Blonde. A real favourite of mine, this pattern has caught me many fish and was the first pattern I tied myself. You can use a myriad of different colour combinations, but my favourites are all yellow, chartruese & white, blue & white and orange & white. For a different body effect try red or chartruese thread over-wrapped with 'Mother of Pearl' mylar.

    Hook: Standard saltwater O'Shuanessy (Mustad 34007 etc.)

    Thread: Danvilles flat waxed nylon, black.

    Tail: Bucktail.

    Wing: Bucktail.

    Body: Silver mylar.

    Step 1: Lay a base of thread along hook shank.

    [b]Step 2:[b] Tie in the tail along the shank. Tie in mylar at head.

    Step 3: Wrap body with a double layer of mylar, tie off at head and then coat body with a very thin coat of superglue, varnish or epoxy.

    Step 4: Tie in wing at the head, the same length as the tail, shape the head, whip finish and varnish.

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    Classic fly chap - great fished through a rip.

    When you gonna tie me some more?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamie
    When you gonna tie me some more?
    When Palace's fortunes change.

    I'll do you a few for that other wager of ours.

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    Never mind the preferred brand and type... What hook sizes do you use?

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