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    Smile Large Dark Olive "LDO"

    Large Dark Olive “LDO”

    This is my version of the first killer dry fly for the new river season. It has served me well over the last few years.

    Hook Size 14
    Thread Gudebrod Dark Grey 10/0
    Rib Gudebrod Yellow
    Body Super Fine Rusty Brown Dubbing
    Post White TMC
    Hackle Grizzle
    Tail 4 Micro Fibbets Grey

    1. Catch in the grey thread along with the Yellow thread rib and wind down to the bend of the hook.

    2. Catch in the 4 tail fibres and adjust the tail to be slightly longer than the hook and form a V tail.

    3. Wind the grey thread forward to just behind the eye.
    4. Counter wind the Yellow rib and secure with the grey.

    5. Attach the wing post, pull upright and bind with the thread.

    6. Dub the body with rusty brown dubbing to form a small body.

    7. Catch in the Hackle and wind up then down the post.

    8. Secure the hackle and do a few half hitches under the wing.

    9. The finished fly.


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    Nice fly, and step by steps. I think I will dress this as a wet fly as well, very interesting thinking on arriving at this pattern, and colours, thanks>


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