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Thread: Schminnow.

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    Default Schminnow.

    Essentially nothing more than an anorexic Blob, but a handy little pattern to have in your saltwater arsenal. Not a pattern that you will sit back and admire after tying, but it does catch fish which I think is the idea behind whipping stuff to a hook. Like most salty patterns, you can play around with the materials and colours. You can also tie this fly unweighted or add weight with lead wire, beadchain, beadheads and coneheads. I tend to use it as a 'when all else fails' pattern, but I know some people dress it bulkier and swear by it in coloured water.

    Hook: Standard saltwater O'Shaunessy.

    Eyes: Beadchain.

    Thread: Mono.

    Tail: Marabou.

    Body: Fritz.

    Step 1 Attach a set of beadchain eyes 'clouser' style. Paint the eyes black (I use black nail varnish but modellers acrylic paint is a good alternative.)

    Step 2: Tie in tail behind eyes.

    Step 3: Catch in Fritz at start of tail then move thread up to eye of hook.

    Step 4: Wind Fritz along shank, criss-cross over eyes and wrap up to hook eye. Tie off, whip finish.

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    Another nice one MJB and it has the hallmarks I like to see in flies.... It's quick and easy to tie and effective, what more can you ask for.
    Thank you (from a non salty )
    All done

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    Thanks MJB, I like this one.


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