Another one in keeping with the 'simplicity' theme. I stumbled upon this variation of Gartside's Gurgler when I first started rolling my own flies. Like most novices, I was eager to tie anything and everything but more often than not didn't have the right materials. I've caught many Bass on my version and don't see the need to over-complicate things. I've used DNA holofusion for the tail here, but marabou or bucktail with some flashabou on top are just as good. My favourite ways of fishing this fly are either on the surface at night in flat calm conditions (especially in very shallow water), or on a 'ghost-tip' line with the fly ducking in and out of the surface slider style. Interesting fished on a sinking line too. You can tie these on standard or longshank hooks, although I'm starting to favour long shanks, as the fish often take 'short' with this style of fly.

Hook: Standard or long shank saltwater (Tiemco 911s used here)

Thread: Danvilles flat waxed.

Tail: DNA Holofusion.

Body: Thin foam sheet, Fritz.

Step 1: Lay a base of thread from eye to just beyond half shank (full shank with standard hook).

Step 2: Tie in tail along hook shank. Take a pice of flat foam about 12mm wide and trim a tang to match length of body.

Step 3: Tie in foam tang along the shank with open turns (Try not to compress foam too much). Catch in fritz at rear of body and wind thread back to head.

Step 4: Wind fritz along body to head and tie off.

Step 5: Fold foam forwards and tie down at head leaving enough room to finish head behind eye.

Step 6: Build up a bump of thread behind eye and whip finish. Trim foam to just in front of eye.