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Thread: Haystack

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    Default Haystack

    Sorry, but admin has asked me which account I'd like to keep. So I am having to let braveheart go and since I will no longer have control over my sbs's I have no choice but to delete them.
    However these sbs's and many more are available, free, on ukflydressing and the wild fishing forums.
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    Nice fly Braveheart! I'll tie some up as soon as I get the time!
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    Default Now I'm Confused


    Lovely tying, I'll have a go at some of these myself.

    However, the Haystack that I was taught to tie sixteen years ago bears no resemblance to the one above.

    The pattern that I know is a wingless, hackle less dry, though I have created some variations.

    The dressing is as follows:

    Hook size 12 - 16
    Thread: Yellow
    Optional rib: Superfine copper wire
    Body:Originally 50/50 Golden Yellow / Emerald Green seal fur substitute.

    For my variants I have changed the body blend to 40/40/10/10, using the same colours as above for the bulk, but with the addition of orange and claret.

    To tie, set hook and attach thread at the head. Run in touching turns to opposite the point of the hook. Tie in rib if used. Dub the body fur onto the thread, or use a dubbing loop. Run back to the head and tie off. Counter wind the rib back to the head, tie off, form neat head and whip finish.

    I have tied hackled variants, gold heads and my latest is a deer hair caddis style.

    I hope this is understandable.

    If I had the capabilities and a digital camera I'd do photo's, but as I don't, words will have to suffice.


    If it's above a 4wt, it's built for Tarpon.

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    A common occurrence in fly tying is flies with the same name but totally different dressings, which is why mine is tied as and named the COmparaStack thingy no confusion there

    You can see a proper Haystack here.

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