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    Default The eyes have it!

    Here is a very simple method of making small chain eyes in any colour you want with realistic pupils for next to nothing - well a quid if you want to be fussy about it! The range of seed beads should satisfy anyones' fancies.

    Materials -

    Seed beads - any colour you like for about 1/100
    Black Mono - I got this from a spare spool I bought on Ebay for my LC100 that had a lead core shooting head and mono running line.
    Lighter - preferably an electronic ignition type
    Tweezers - mine are old watch maker tweezers

    Slip a bead on the mono and melt the end carefully with the lighter

    You are trying to get a blob that is just larger than the hole in the seed bead, if the mono catches fire, just blow it out and it will still give you a good blob shape on the end

    Cur the mono to about 1/4" and slip on the other eye. You can regulate the spacing you need with the taper on the tweezers

    Holding the un-melted end up apply the lighter again and form the second blob

    The finished eyes should look like these. It only takes a couple of attempts before you crack the process and you can churn out as many as you need

    Anybody looking for black mono can drop me a line and we can sort out an SAE.
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    Hi Roddy,
    Nice job. Good to see a step-by-step with a fire risk!
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