The Guinio

Hook: Medium or Lightweight Size 10-12
Thread: Standard Black
Tail: Red Tinsel
Legs: Two Pheasant Tail Fibers (Knotted)
Body: Black Hareline Krystal Dub
Rib: Red UTC
Body Hackle: Black Cock
Head Hackle: Red Guinea Fowl Feather + Pink Litebrite

Step 1:
Attach the thread.

Step 2:
Tie in 5-6 strands of medium red tinsel, and a section of red UTC wire

Step 3:
Tie in a black cock hackle, add the black krystal dub body, and palmer the hackle down the body, secure by winding the UTC wire in even turns back up the body.

Step 4:
Tie in a few strands of pink litebrite to form a hackle.

Step 5:
Tie in a pair of black knotted pt fibres on each side.

Step 6:
Tie in a red Guinea fowl feather, tip first.

Step 7:
Wind the Guinea fowl feather 1 1/2 turns, secure, whip/half hitch and varnish.