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Thread: A Grey Fly

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    Default A Grey Fly

    Unless anybody knows what this is a variant of, it will just go under the name 'Grey Fly'.

    Mr Gibson, I strongly suggest you take a look at this as it is very effective at the time of year that you will be visiting here!

    Materials -

    Thread - Any fine colour match grey
    Hook - Size 12 Captain Hamilton International CS7
    Tail - Mylar strands from medium mylar tubing
    Rib - Fine silver tinsel
    Body - Turrels grey floss
    Hackle - Matched grey cock hackle

    Nothing complex about the tie apart from the substituted finished fly as I inadvertantly caught the set up and bent the hook!

    Wind the thread down to above the hook point

    Catch in 6 strands of the Mylar material

    Tie in the ribbing

    Followed by the floss

    Create a slim carrot shaped body

    Bring the rib forward on even turns to behind the head

    Select a grey hackle to match the body colour as closely as possible and tie in

    Whip finish and secure head with clear varnish or SHHAN to finish the fly

    The Grey Fly, until named otherwise!
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