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    Default Spinning Deer Hair Bodies Part 1

    I hope that this is of some use to people wanting to start spinning deer hair. This fly is not too difficult and gives great results on a summer evening on still waters.

    Materials -

    Hook - Size 10 Kamasan 4x lure or similar
    Thread 1 - Must be at least a strong 3/0 or Danville monocord for spinning
    Thread 2 - Your preferred normal thread
    Body - Deer Hair
    Hackle - Red Game Cock
    Antennae - Brown mono

    Spinning and shaping Deer Hair (the easy way!)

    First of all go out and shoot a deer of the colour required, or failing this, go buy some deer hair from your nearest fly tying supplies emporium.
    Use a STRONG tying thread as your normal thread will break easily during the spinning process and you will have a lovely mess that your partner will not be amused by.
    Open razors, razor blades and scalpels are to be avoided like the plague if you have one of these handy, a Beard Trimmer!
    Failing that, small, sharp, serrated blade scissors will do just as well. Normal scissors can have a tendency to slide off the hair stems when cutting to shape. These scissors are Bonzai scissors I bought in China for 50p.

    Cut a SMALL bunch of deer hair from the skin

    Holding the tips firmly, flick the cut ends to remove dust and small hairs

    Make sure you have prepared your hook!

    Offer the bunch of hair up to the hook as shown and wrap a
    loose loop of thread over it and pull slightly to bring it to the hook.

    Wrap 2 more loops of thread and pull slowly and firmly until hair starts to spin.

    Pull the thread through the deer hair and stroke the hair back before
    making 2 secure wraps in front of the bunch you have just tied in

    Cut another small bunch and repeat the flicking and then offer to the
    hook as before, brushing back the first hair if it has come forwards.
    Repeat the securing as before and spin the hair and secure the thread in front of the bunch again

    On a fly this size I would repeat the hair spinning sequence 5 or 6 times to give a tight body

    After the last bunch has been added bring the thread though again and this time after the locking turns either a couple of half hitches and a dab of varnish or 5 turns of whip finish keeping the hair back at the same time.
    I don't use a whipping tool so I do the half hitch method.

    Next stage - trimming and finishing the sedge

    This way to Part 2 --->
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