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Thread: Le Puff Poodle

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    Default Le Puff Poodle

    CDC is generally accepted as a dry fly material but it's amazing mobility also gives rise to the possibility of lure type flies that are more mobile than marabou in some respects.

    This fly is built on the Christmas Tree principle and can be used with any colour combination to produce a deadly attractor, Fluo green and Black being a lethal combination for both Browns and Rainbows. These examples are tied on 4X lure hooks but you can also produce Blob types on standard wide gape hooks. There is no limit to what you can devise from CDC puffs.

    Tying assumes right handed tyers.

    Materials -

    Hook Kamasan B830 size 10 LS
    Thread - UTC black
    Body - CDC puffs - Fiery Brown and Cinnamon, Fluo Green & Black, Black & White (use what you like)
    Heads - Pearl White chain eyes, 3mm Gold Bead, Tungsten, whatever!

    Lay up your thread along the shank of the hook in touching turns

    Take a selection of CDC puffs all about the same length and add them individually in groupings of 3

    Once you have the first group in secure well and start the next group at the end of the previous group stalk ends

    Keep adding groups until you have reached the head point

    Lay down a bed for the eyes

    Attach the eyes using the off hook method and turn the hook upside down

    Once the eyes are secured then apply black varnish to make the head stand out

    Alternatively fix a 3mm gold bead in place before building the body and finish with a small collar of black dubbing before whip finishing

    As you can see the fly is very bulky and in it's dry state it is difficult to cast and will not sink on contact with the surface. Wet the fly thoroughly before casting and minimise the number of false casts to prevent drying out. Did I mention that this is best fished on a sinking line?
    Once I get some more CDC puffs in lure colours, I will post more photos.

    A word of warning! DO NOT sneeze when you have the puffs laid out! It takes ages to find them all.

    Here are a couple of photos of the fly in different views

    Stationary submerged. To get this one to submerge completely took a bit of doing as the air retention properties of this amount of CDC is incredible, try it yourself if you tie one, I'll bet that even with a tungsten head it will still float until saturated.

    Bait/fry fish look as if on a fast retrieve

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    The brown puff poodle was used yesterday as an indicator for a team of buzzers, including a UTC wire buzzer which managed to catch 2 good fish.
    There was a strong wind blowing from behind which helped in getting distance with it and it sat high on the water and any interest in the buzzers was easily seen. Did not try it as a sunk lure as I was fishing a floating line all day but that is something to be experimented with.

    "Sod it! I am going out to sink a klink!" Hidden Content

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