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    Our club decided at a meeting last night to support this charity not in a monetary way but in offering our venue and members experience.We incidentally have spare kit.We have an ex-servicman amongst our membership who suffers from P.T.S.D .We therefore have first hand Knowledge of how angling and the camaraderie involved can help sufferers of P.T.S.D.
    I make no attempt to claim that fishing cures this disorder but believe that it makes a massive difference to the sufferers....I have seen it
    If we (as an angling community) can make a difference to anyone's life,whether it be ex-service personnel,disadvantaged youths or anyone else that needs a helping hand we should grasp the opportunity to make that little bit of difference as it is a tough world out there.
    Fishermen/women on the whole are understanding,environmentally aware and patient individuals, lets put these qualities to use in a positive way that helps society.
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    Quote Originally Posted by richardw View Post
    This charity uses the healing powers of fly fishing to help ex-combatants.

    Have a read and come back with your views. How does it work? Can it work to permanent beneficial effect? Have any of you any experience of folk recovering from severe trauma and stress through fly fishing?

    hello richard i think it is an excelent idea to help our ex combatants or heros to enjoy the delights of fly fishing to help with stress and battle fatigue, i am sure most on here flyfish to unwind from a working week or such like by a beautiful river or lake in our natural countryside. having just watched a tv programme on the ex force members and how they adjust back to civvy life and PTS maybe us forum members could find a way to help too.

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    Its always sad that unscrupulous individuals can damage well meaning charitys whos only aim is to help another person.

    The one important point of this charity is the fact that all monies raised go towards helping the veterans and Not to help pay huge wages for some who actually run the charitys.Many actually donate much of their own funds to keep it going.

    Each should be taken on its own merits and there is plenty of evidence from members here to show this charity is not bogus and does help.

    Its also worth bearing in mind.It helps,not a claim to cure,it relieves some of the stresses that we all as anglers understand and know.Imagine the help that it can give to these men and women.Non claim to be heroes,but do they not deserve as much help as another person some of which take every penny they can and return nothing to society and these people often dont ask and melt away and looked upon as different.The help is given to that which is seen and mental problems are unseen and therefore never there and often put to one side.

    What does rile me is when our goverment give money to places abroad and cant even help their own soldiers who they have sent to defend our country and its left to caring individuals to do something ,to their own cost for many.

    Fishing can help and does and if it only helps one person, its one person more than none.

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