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    How are they coming cleaning up all the left-over Argentine land mines?
    Fred Evans - White City, Oregon

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    Default Landmines

    This following article gives a very good outline of the history of landmines in the Falkland's and the action currently being taken to eradicate them from the Islands.

    Landmine & Cluster Munition Monitor | Country Profiles | United Kingdom | 2010 | Mine Action

    On a fishing note......the areas providing good fishing are almost totally unaffected by landmine zones.

    Maps of landmined areas are available from Hillside Camp, Stanley or from the Police Station, Ross Road. The Police will be most willing to give advice to fishermen on areas to be avoided.

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    No Link.

    The Fishermans Friend is the Flirty Fly,Fickle Food for Fleeting Fish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nigel Haywood View Post
    Still only catching mullet, I'm afraid, but I'll let you know if and when the STs start to put in an appearance.
    Link to company that does expiditions to Falklands.
    Interesting that it shows prime time on rivers, which would not be classed as prime time at argentina, or tdf.
    Go Fishing Worldwide
    worth a look for descriptions of fishery.

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    The quick answer is to let sheep wander throug the minefields. They were well mapped out on my last trip at the end of the 80s but the biggest problem is that they migrate through the peat or get washed away from the beaches and appear elsewhere. On my last trip an anti-tank mine surfaced on the main Port Stanley road.



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    Default Re: Falkland Islands

    Hi, everyone,

    This is my first post on this forum I will be going down to the Falkland Islands in March for a few months. I would appreciate any advice on tackle to use whilst down there please, I hope to be able to fish for Sea Trout before then end of the season.

    I'll be taking Fly fishing kit as well as a spinning rod set up, I was planning on using a 8 wt rod with intermediate line etc and just the bog standard spinning set similar to a Pollack/ Mackerel setup.

    I would appreciate any help or experiences areas to fish etc.

    All would be greatly appreciated

    Many thank


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