Last summer I was in my local peche/chasse shop and he had a Garbolino Vesubie SB 603, 6 ft # 3/4. it just felt so right in my hand I bought it for the price of 50 euro's, came with crush proof material tube as well.

This is just a beautiful rod, light as a whisper, easy action and just what I needed to finish off my collection of rods, especially as a lot of the courses I fish it's about the longest rod that can be used.

To be honest I love this rod so much I tend now to choose courses where only this rod can be used, i've just had a couple of enjoyable hours using it about 10 minutes from where I live, I met a really nice local and we could see that there were sizable fish to be had but alas they still do not appear to be feeding much as yet, so looking forward to being able to fish a bit later into the evening.