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    Default This week I be mostly reading...

    ..."The Pursuit of Stillwater Trout" by Brian Clarke.

    I'm in my second season of fly fishing now and after reading an article in The Times by Brian Clarke, I searched out an old copy of his book on Amazon (about 4 total inc postage) and what a cracker! Some really good info & tips for a total newbie or someone early in their fly fishing life like me

    Put some of my new learnt knowledge into practice on a beautiful morning last Sunday, saw more sub-surface than I have ever noticed before, due to the book, and hooked up with about 6 fish in total (christening my new Shakespeare Odyssey XT thanks to a previous thread I put up) - lost most of them though

    Can't recommend this book highly enough and it has earnt it's place on my bookshelf next to "My Way with Trout" by Arthur Cove & "Fly Fishing - Skill on Stillwaters" by Peter Mackenzie-Phillips.

    Onwards & upwards


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    If your book hunting and a beginner with a thirst for knowledge,Peter Lapsley's book Trout from Stillwaters is a excellent read


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    Quote Originally Posted by mark b View Post
    ..."The Pursuit of Stillwater Trout" by Brian Clarke.
    As someone with more questions than answers and struggling to get to grips with fly fishing....this book was a revelation.It had a huge influence on me.

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    I was away on holiday last week to Teneriffe and I took Arthur Cove's " My way with trout " with me to read . Really enjoyed it and would recommend it .

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