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    Default Re: Cabelas Guidewear - Shipping to the U.K

    Cabelas charge 40% of total or a minimum of $40 to U.K
    When buying from a shop you will get stung for import duties(VAT) plus Post Office admin(7 just to open parcel up)
    Try Tacklewarehouse, just as good but slightly less postage, though you will still get stung with import duties.
    Gander Mountain did have a U.K site not sure if it lasted though.
    Ebay is the best option, shops such as Catfishing Supplies have all the top makes and will "fiddle" the description as Gift, Sample etc
    Most U.S shops now use Ebay, it saves on producing international catalogues and printing U.K/German prices on thier websites.
    I have had loads of stuff from States and Japan via ebay shops and only ever got stung with a 7foot one piece G Loomis swimbait rod that came DHL or similar but was still a really good price.
    Be aware that firms such as Alibaba are now ripping Loomis and Sage rods off and are really good quality copies
    Stay away from the" One Man Band" shops that only stock such items. Bigger firms are generally good for what they sell

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    Default Re: Cabelas Guidewear - Shipping to the U.K

    Check the date of the initial post

    The Pirate.

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    Default Re: Cabelas Guidewear - Shipping to the U.K

    That would be July 2011

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