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Thread: WTT auction

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    Default WTT auction

    Some intersting lots. Probably will be pricey but often only way to get access to some of these hallowed beats. All for a good cause!

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    Default Re: WTT auction

    For interest, the superb fishing that I enjoyed with Dave Southall is featured in lot 202 (guided by Dave) and covered in the Trout and Salmon Article below:

    Urban flyfishing on offer accompanied by the whole Fish On team (includes commemorative set of photos by ace photographer Dean Hodson):
    [ame=]Urban Flyfishing on Vimeo[/ame]

    Happy Bidding (note that many lots are for more than one person, so you can buddy up to spread the cost a bit). The first pages of the auction catalogue give just a tiny flavour of the kinds of things that the money raised is used for.

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    Default Re: WTT auction

    I too have enjoyed a day with Dave Southall, a true master of his craft! As ever, too many lots I want to bid on and never enough money to pay for them!

    Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans
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