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    Post Re: do all lines have memory??

    Yeah Richard,

    My father is a big advocator of this, and he still uses the Hardy PVC lines he bought in the early 80s - they are all still in mint condition.

    You have to be quite disciplined to do this though and it helps if you are used to fishing with silk as I do. People know you are a bit quirky so when you start winding off you're line by the bar after you had you're first sip of you're pint - it's ok and a job done relatively easily and it doesnt keep me out of the pub after fishing!

    I see what you mean about absolutely no memory at all. I think the best examples of these are as you say; the specifically manufactured lines such as Barrio of Aberdeen. Yet Richard, I like to play my fish and I dislike skull dragging - I'm a bit old school I suppose, maybe a bit too much!
    'The French value the umber or grayling so highly that they say he feeds on gold.' - Izaak Walton: The Compleat Angler

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    Default Re: do all lines have memory??

    All lines will come with some initial memory, which should fish out.

    It's fundamentally important to load a line correctly in the first instance, ensuring no twist and absolutely do not stretch a line without first ensuring there is no twist in it.

    Line twist can be removed via the swivel and post method, or getting the full line out the back of the boat whilst motoring (no leader and flees on obviously).

    If you stretch a line that has a twist in it, then that's it, twisted for good

    The Pirate.

    Buy a `Snowbee line`They need none of the above ,and they work.

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