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    This probably isn't worth starting a new thread for, but I'm just interested...What do people prefer; neoprene or breathable? I currently own a pair of cheap rubber waders and thinking of investing in something slightly better.

    I sweat like hell in the rubber and I suspect it would be the same in neoprene, but with the added benefit of good insulation in the colder months. So I was think of matching a pair of breathables with a good pair of thermal 'long-johns'? I don't have a huge had my eye on these;

    Wader breath start + CAPERLAN - Waders Fishing - On sale on


    Waders classic breath CAPERLAN - Waders Fishing - On sale on


    WADERS OPECO TROUT 2011 CAPERLAN - Waders Fishing - On sale on

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    I have neoprene and breathable waders and a couple of rubber thigh waders for coarse fishing. They all get used over a season when one pair packs up if I cannot fix them I purchase another pair ASAP.
    Some guys use the breathables all year round with thermals under in winter its is down to you in the end. But I still like Neoprene waders in cold rivers.

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