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Thread: Tay day

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    I hate this concept of an assumed tip. no way in hll will I tip anyone just for doing their job to a basic standard. I've never Salmon fished, never had a ghillie, but for many years while in education I worked in hotels/restaurants etc where the tips really did make a difference - so you made sure you got them by doing extra things outside the basic job remit and always being friendly and smiling. If I go to a restaurant now and someone just serves the food and doesn't at least do so in a polite and friendly manner I don't tip. I would imagine the same with a ghillie.

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    Totally agree Williegunn, they do a sterling job. Have met many and cant honestly say I have I have ever thought "Does he deserve a tip".....



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    I used to work for a company who paid me pretty low wages. I left and got a better job, maybe something to think about if the wages are so ****. If there are people willing to do it the wages will never increase.

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    I think many of these guys can definitely get better paid jobs,but is one of these careers where the old cliche "labour of love" definitely rings true.

    More power to them in my opinion...



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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingfisher28 View Post

    If you don't like tipping, I suggest that you try some of association stretches where they don't have Ghillies.

    Quote Originally Posted by williegunn View Post
    and you are too much of a grip to tip, shame on you!
    Are you too related, or just fail to attend the same school
    If you can comprehend my original post, you'll see that I do indeed tip when i feel I've had good service
    May I respectfully suggest you re-read it.

    I don't expect the ghillie to spend a long time with me, but by definition, a tip is just that........... "a tip"
    i.e. a bonus for exemplary service.

    A days fishing for 35 is within the grasp of most folk. Add to this a compulsory 20 tip and it most certainly isn't.
    I give a tip, as and when I can afford it, and when I feel its appropriate.

    The original posters question regarding a "procedure", proves its a grey area, and its a fact that a lot of people are put off by excessive costs.
    IMHO, it should be about an enjoyable days fishing, without worrying about extra monetary protocols or procedures.
    If a fisher genuinely can't afford the unspecified, unquantifiable extra payment, then they shouldn't feel forced to pay it. Simple.

    Quote Originally Posted by doctorsalmon View Post
    You wont find a Tay Ghillie who wont be trying his very best for all his rods IMO

    20 is the minimum IMO that you should give the Ghillie for what is often invaluable advice.



    Regarding the Tay, Doctorsalmon. I have to say thats one of the most generalizing statements I've ever heard
    You must know EACH and EVERY one of them very well. And chucking 20+ tips on each and every visit, I'm quite surprised you only often get good advice and not always

    It's no wonder people are put off trying salmon fishing when minimum tips of 20 gold sheckles are talked about.

    Last edited by roders; 23-01-2013 at 09:53 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roders View Post
    As for fishing the Tay, I cant recommend Dalmarnock enough. The ghillies changed since I fished it last spring, but its a stunning beat and is sure to have fish in it now
    Plus its buy one get one rod free until april.
    Make sure you leave a decent tip though...

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