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    Default Re: What do Wifes/Partners Think?

    Well I seem to be one of the lucky ones. The good lady aint a tourist she just likes sun, sand and water to dip into and she is happy.

    Result is that before she books anywhere she checks if the fishing is good and if it is the right time of year.

    Last time was Canaries (FV) 31 days over there with 27 days fishing

    Two days lost arriving and leaving and 2 lost bad weather

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    Default Re: What do Wifes/Partners Think?

    Encourages me to go fishing`but questions what are the parcels that arrive each week he he he

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    My situation is a balancing act, I do not go half as much as I would like to but I have 3 kids and to keep our heads above water - financially - my wife has to work as hard as me if not harder!! It is simply not fair to leave her with the kids for one day every weekend. So the odd cheeky mid week afternoon session and a morning every other week is the way it usually goes. Not ideal but fair in my books.

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