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    Hi there thinking of getting some for the up comming season. I need some help on the setup.

    So here goes is this the correct way?

    Fly line, polyleader, tapered leader, tippet, or do i miss the tapered leader out?


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    Miss the tapered leader out


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    thanks for that

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    Quote Originally Posted by meirion658 View Post
    thanks for that
    Welcome,here's a usual post from Scratch explaining more about them ( stillwater )

    'Polyleaders' are very similar to fly line...a plastic outer coat over a core (mono in this case). They come in various lengths from about 4 ft to 10 ft or so. They taper from a very similar diameter to the main fly line,down to the thickness of the core (usually about the equivalent of 20lb ish) to which you attach your tippet,usually by means of loops. Alternatively,you can continue the taper and builld your own leader untill you arrive at the tippet diameter and strength that you require.
    The main benefit of a polyleader is the taper... this gives a gradual transition of energy from the fly line down to the tippet. The result being improved turnover and presentation.
    Polyleaders come as floaters,'hover',inter and all the usual sink rates,which can be useful for turning a floater into a makeshift buzzer line or sink tip etc. 'Hinging' can be a problem though if you over do it on the density.
    All in all,useful things to have in your kit. I use them for some of my fishing,but also use braided leaders and also build my own - just depends on what type of fishing I'm doing...and what mood I'm in As is usually the case with fly fishing,there's no right and no wrong - whatever suits and whatever works for you. Experimentation is the key.


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