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    Default Carsington today....

    Just got back and not only drew a blank but only seen 3 fish all day, only 3 boats out too and that should have told me something and to top it all off my grxi+ tip section broke mid cast on only it's second outing!
    I took a friend with me hoping to get him into the best sport in the world but its not easy to do when they don't get to see any fish although he did say he loved the day none the less and wants go again but I was just wondering if all reservoirs are the same throughout the country? Is it worth us going? I fished same place 2 weeks ago in similar conditions and there was insect life all over the place but now the whole place is dead, is that because of the prolonged heat?

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    Default Re: Carsington today....

    In this heat the fish are not really turned on and it'll probably be the same anywhere you go. At least in the bigger waters there is soem coller water deep down where the fish will more likely be. Last thing in the evening there will more likely be a flurry of activity but if you've been out all day getting sunburnt you're not likely to stay for that. The best bet is to take out an evening boat only so you are not furstrated by lack of activity.
    Once we get back to normal british summer weather, ie cold and wet things should soon pick up again. The fish will now start moving towards the middle of the reservoir as the shallow waters will now be too warm. Bank fishing will be made redundnat on most waters now (until dark that is when the fish could come closer in).

    Don't panic yet and try and choose your day according to the weather if you are able.


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