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    Default Greys rod advice

    Good morning,

    I am thinking about buying a new set up for fishing the rivers Monnow, Usk, Itchen navigation and the Test. Dry fly fishing.

    I am thinking about:

    Greys GRXI 8ft 4 weight
    Sonik SKS reel 4 weight
    Greys platinum floating WF 4 weight line

    I can buy all of this for 135 from Garry Evans sale.

    The question is a 4 weight the right choice or would a 5 weight be more suitable as the rivers widths range from 20-60 foot and I presume a 5 weight casts further than a 4 weight??

    P.S I all ready have a 10ft 7/8 weight set up


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    Default Re: Greys rod advice

    The 5 weight will cast heavier flies than the 4 weight, not necessarily any further. Unless you are casting under a lot of foliage I'd say a 9ft would be a better choice. It will allow you to mend the line easier on the river.

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    Default Re: Greys rod advice


    Dont worry to much about the distance the rod will cast, Far better to be stealthy and wade into a good position and use short accurate casts of no more than about 10mtr, Any more than this and good presentation can be difficult.

    Cheers Peter.

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