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    Default do brown trout return

    Just wondering if a brown trout return to their feeding lye once they have been caught or do they move somewhere else. Ie could you catch the same fish twice from the same place

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    Default Re: do brown trout return

    If its the biggest in the area and holds the best lie I would say yes just my opinion though

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    Default Re: do brown trout return

    Tough to say but i have caught the same fish from the same area on the same day so good chance of it

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    Default Re: do brown trout return

    Yes is the most likely answer.

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    Default Re: do brown trout return

    Brown trout are territorial and you'll find the best lies (ones that offer good food supply, shelter and safety) hold the biggest fish. If a fish is away from the lie, then another is likely to move in. Brown trout will also have other lies or bolt holes mainly for safety or a quieter lie to rest up after feeding. If you spook a fish from a feeding lie, just wait awhile and it will return and start feeding again. A spooked fish in a pool may well spook other fish in the same pool that have lies close by. Again, being quiet and still can see the pool come back to life. Trout have to feed including those that have been caught. So once it feels hunger again and thinks it's safe to return to feeding, it will do. How long this takes depends on the individual fish, it's experience and instincts. From fishing and catching other fish, it can be as short as an hour.
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    Default Re: do brown trout return

    If the fish isn't a roamer, or one that moves into the feeding areas only during emergences or into areas where spent spinners are easily picked off, but is one that lies up in a ''hot spot'' by choice because of all its advantages, including the proximity of a feeding lane -- it'll return if it is unharmed. The best fish have the best lies, until caught and killed. They home back to what they know, safe lodgings and good board. jadaTC
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    Default Re: do brown trout return

    Quote Originally Posted by jada0406 View Post
    They home back to what they know, safe lodgings and good board. jadaTC
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