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Thread: Advise needed!!

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    Default Advise needed!!

    Hi this is my first post on the forum so
    Here goes i have only recently started
    Fly fishing for
    Trout and have caught the bug big time
    Had a few casting lessions which has been a massive help I want to keep perfecting my casting
    All through the winter and
    Want to have a go at pike fly fishing but need advise
    On what rod to go for budget ain't a massive problem as I prefer to buy once than keep upgrading
    Any advise would
    Be brilliant regards

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    Default Re: Advise needed!!

    Have a look in the classifieds on here. One member is selling a set up for pike at this moment. The rod is a Bloke and you won't go far wrong with that.
    Ps - I have no connection to the vendor by the way.

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    Default Re: Advise needed!!

    A 9ft rod in the 9/10 weight bracket should be ok for Pike, you have many options as a number of companies now make rods specifically designed for pike. You could also use a saltwater rod in the same weight categories mentioned and this would also be fine for pike. I would not go lighter than a 9wght though and if you are going to fish venues where very large fish may be encountered the 10weight would be a minimum as well. As for brands, well you would do well to get along to an outlet with some sort of casting facility and try a few, especially if you intend to spend a fair bit of money.

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    Lightbulb Re: Advise needed!!

    Thank u for the replies lads regards Adam

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