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    I see 'river craft' presented as 'skill', and as 'where fish are'.

    If it is both of these, which it appears to be by consensus then it pretty much encompasses all of fishing skill, in other words thats what it is, why the need for the term 'river craft'? this term suggests an identifiable, almost separate part of fishing skill.

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    Default Re: Watercraft - Really!

    I think the lesson there is keep an open mind, don't just follow what textbooks and convention say. Reading the river/rivercraft/watercraft, call it what you will, provide a good starting point, but they're just a starting point and its not an exact science. Sometimes fish don't follow the rules and also you can always see what's going on subsurface.

    To give an example from yesterday - not fly fishing, trotting for grayling - but its an example. This river is one I fly fish a lot but have not had a go with the trotting gear, and I was fishing different swims that I can't fly fish, ie swims that I don't know. The river was slightly up and carrying extra colour, water depth in most runs fished 3-5' so not possible to see the river bed. In some swims the fish were in the main flow or crease, the obvious foodline, where you'd expect. But in others the "obvious" lines didn't produce. However, a bit of exploring other lines, searching the water, could find fish tightly shoaled in slacker or non-descript areas off the main flow. In some cases these were slightly deeper gullies/runs which it was not possible to determine from the surface. In other cases it wasn't entirely clear why the fish were there and not 2 or 3' to either side, but if I hadn't fully explored each swim before moving on I would have missed out on a lot of fish. The guy I was fishing with found the same thing. And when you did locate the fish they were feeding quite hard, just in very specific areas. Just that bit of extra effort turned what would have been an average day into a very good say for both of us.

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    Potential for good fishing(water craft) tips in this thread, I got a very good tip from a deer stalker, applying stalking er..craft..he said wade in and wait a full 10 mins, have a cigarette or whatever, but wait the full 10 mins before putting a fly out.

    This tells the trout that the legs standing in their territory are not a threat, sure enough within the 10 mins fish were rising very close, one too close to put a fly on, a strangely intimate experience and almost too easy, normally I would have spooked the fish by wading then spooked them further out by casting more or less straight away, 10 mins waiting had 2 fish out in the next 5 mins.

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