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    Default 7 piece travel rod

    Hi all,

    I currently have a Shakespeare Agility EXP 9ft6 #7 travel rod Its a 7 piece rod . I find the action more medium than fast and I am looking for more of a tip action rod.

    I ride my road and hybrid bikes to some fisheries and keep the rod in a rucksack. In the future I am looking at panniers on the bike so the rod needs to be compact.

    I have tried the Greys GR70 9ft6 #7 and I like the action , however its a 6 piece rod and the tube is much longer than my current agility tube and wouldn't fit in any bags I'd ride with. Also the 9ft is a #5 and I am looking at a #6 or #7.

    So I'm now thinking of an Orvis Clearwater Frequent Flyer 9ft #6 which is a 7 piece rod. From what I can see online, the tube length is suitable but also the action is more of a tip and faster than the more medium action I find on my Agility.

    I am yet to try one in the flesh but I wondered if anyone has got an Orvis travel rod like I've mentioned? Do they recommend the rod and will it suit my requirements?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: 7 piece travel rod

    I am afraid that I do not have the Frequent Flyer #6, but I have the #9 and the #3, and like them both; the #3 probably sees more use over a year than any other rod I own, despite me fishing a wide range of rivers, lakes and saltwater.

    Both are certainly tip-actioned, but not severely so, and I find that the action can be altered very easily by different line profiles: DT vs WF, and long belly vs short.

    The 7-piece bit is key for me: I travel a lot, and having rods that fit inside an overhead case is wonderful on short trips. So should be good for you and your bike.
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