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    Default Anyone fish the Yarrow in Lancs?

    Does anyone fly fish the Yarrow?

    I'm not looking to fish it or an invite, but just looking back to my youth

    Grandparents lived down Pincock Lane just near Euxton, right on the Yarrow. I don't think it had a single fish in it back then, looked pretty but a history of severe pollution.

    They lived just by the weir in an old cottage and having just looked at google it now has a fish pass (Pinnock fish pass, 10 yrs plus) with salmon and sea trout reaching the Yarrow's upper reaches for the first time in 150 yrs.

    Be nice to hear if anyone has fished it and how well it's recovering.

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    Default Re: Anyone fish the Yarrow in Lancs?

    Hi Boisker, I lived on a farm in Eccleston in 1950, the Yarrow ran through our land and I fished it as a kid.
    It held nothing but leeches in those days, but I've fished it several times in the last few years at Eccleston bridge where the church is, and I was christened.
    It now holds trout, chub and Dace in good quantity, it's still a smelly old river but much improved. A fish pass was installed at Croston mill where the weir is.
    Below the weir we used to catch eels and Dabs in those days but nothing above it, it was tidal at Croston Mill.
    It's now controlled by Bretherton and district AA, I'm not a member as I live in Cumbria but my daughter lives down that way, and I sometimes have a look when I'm staying with her.
    Nice to see it producing fish these days, it runs into the Douglas further down which also fishes well I believe never tried it.
    There's a small tributary in Eccleston called the Syd Brook, I used to worm that for trout as a lad and caught a few nice fish but worming back then.
    Good memories.
    Sit still and watch the river, it's all a part of fishing.

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