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    Default Grayling in the dark

    Hi all,

    Not been here for ages but a curious thing happened that I wonder if others have encountered.

    Last night, at 11pm+ on the Earn, it was a dark moonless night and I was fishing for sea trout. I didn't catch any but did take two grayling, the first of which took off with such a splash that I thought it was a small sea trout (..for a second or two anyway!).

    I was using a sink tip and the flow being slow was fishing deep where grayling lurk.

    I didn't know they could be taken at night. Is this common? If so, I wonder if its a seasonal thing - only possible in the summer months?


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    Default Re: Grayling in the dark

    Strangely i have just got back from the river chasing ladies and whilst there i was speaking to a fellow angler, he was worming, and he mentioned exactly that. Whilst spinning at night he has taken several, and by all accounts, decent Grayling on small spinners. So it must be reasonably common.
    Mind you that is typical Grayling, they will do exactly what you don't expect of them

    Did manage 8 this morning to 10" with some fat BT to make up numbers

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    Default Re: Grayling in the dark

    Taken Grayling well into the darkness throughout the years, way past packing up time deciding to stay on the water on the hunt for sea trout and grayling take the wet fly
    A Scotsman in Yorkshire now there IS a combination “Let’s Tackle Cancer” supporter

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