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Thread: Maxcatch lines.

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    Default Maxcatch lines.

    Has anyone tried lines from Maxcatch? Any good? Would be interesting to have some feedback from someone who has tried them.
    I think I'm gonna need a bigger rod.

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    Default Re: Maxcatch lines.

    I havent used them but for a similarly priced line that seems to be favoured the John norris lines are good. I got one in their "sale" the other day for 6 quid and it's not as smooth through the rings as my barrio line and doesnt seem to load quite as well but it isn't bad for the money if you are just wanting a cheaper line to try.

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    Default Re: Maxcatch lines.

    I thought I'd ask the same question. Given that Maxcatch/Leichi have been knocking out some pretty decent kit at a fraction of their (rebadged?) Western counterparts, I've been wondering what kind of standard their 10-15 lines are? I might have a punt on their nymph line and their 12 (or whatevs) floater. Before I do has anyone given them a try?

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    Default Re: Maxcatch lines.

    Picking up on this has anyone tried their tapered leaders from ebay?
    Grandad Noel

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