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Thread: Fluorocarbon

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    What i will say is try a quality brand as a lot of the cheaper stuff is rubbish!
    I agree 100% buyer beware.I buy some of these as an experiment,none come out well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by airsprite View Post
    I still fish mono etc
    Fluoro is a mono.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Powell View Post
    just how many fly fishers do you think use flouro?
    Lots. My in-laws company has been supplying it for 20 years or so, so I bullshit you not. I know the testing that was undertaken before it was brought to market. It was rigorous and extensive and modifications were made for the UK market on the basis of the feedback received. I also know how quick the uptake was from the more competitive echelons of fly fishing, and it was faster than we had anticipated.....but this is all very old news as its quite a long time ago now.

    I'm not here to sell the brand, so I won't mention the name, though one or two might have guessed from other comments I've made. I just want to set your mind at rest on the point you raised. Its not every fly fisherman who uses it by a long way, but it is lots, not a few who use fluorocarbon by preference.

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